Berenbeim Osteopathic, P.C., conveniently located in Denver, uses a broad scope of osteopathic manipulative techniques that focus on the principle that body structure and function are dependent on one another. Osteopathic manipulation treatment takes many forms including myofascial release, counter-strain, muscle energy, cranial-osteopathy and high velocity thrust, just to mention a few. 

With the aid of manipulation techniques, the osteopathic physician is able to influence all the tissues in the body including muscle joints, fascia, nerves, and blood supply.  Manipulation improves structural balance, including your circulation and nerve supply, helping your body to heal itself.  


OMT Appointments - What You Can Expect

Denver OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment) Center

Initial Visit
Your initial visit will last approximately 1 hour and will consist of a thorough history and physical examination.  Your completion of a history and pain diagram prior to your visit will hasten this process.  Appropriate lab work and x-rays may be ordered.  After evaluating our findings and determining your expectations, we will consider the treatment alternatives and determine the appropriate course of action.      

​​Subsequent Visits
Subsequent visits will be shorter and problem specific.  An interim history will be performed and appropriate treatment will be rendered.  We will discuss your treatment, including changes in your symptoms, new problems, restrictions and modifications, your level of participation in your care, diagnosis, prognosis and goals.

Patient Participation
Patient participation is necessary and expected for your recovery.  Osteopathic medicine only opens doors for the healing to take place.  You will need to be actively involved in your recovery.  You will be asked to stretch, exercise and make modifications appropriate for your condition.  Our working together provides for the optimal outcome.

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