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Perineural Injection Therapy is a Viable Pain Management Option 

Perineural Injection Treatment

Dr. Joel Berenbeim, D.O., a trained and licensed medical doctor in Denver, performs Perineural Injection Therapy on patients who suffer from chronic pain due to degenerative diseases. 

Perineural injection therapy includes perineural subcutaneous injections and perineural deep injections. PIT can enhance the effects of Prolotherapy but it is not regenerating tissue like Prolotherapy but instead is treating the nerves that are associated with the ligament, joints and tissues.  

There are small sensory nerves throughout the body that produce proteins (peptidergic).  These proteins can be healing or damaging. The nerves are regulated by a receptor on their surface that when over active will produce the harmful proteins causing neuropathic inflammation. These nerves can be easily damaged or entrapped in the fascia producing chronic pain. Since the protein producing nerves in the skin also supply the ligaments and joints below the irritative proteins can have a far-reaching effect.

Neuropathic pain cannot be treated with anti-inflammatory medications as they work on a different pathway. The receptors are effected by 5% injected dextrose so Perineural injection therapy can target the damaged over active nerves. These nerves are within 1/2 inch of the surface of the skin and injections are very well tolerated.

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